Grape harvest: harvesting grapes in the Salatin winery

The grape harvest is a very important moment for our winery and completes the work we have done in the vineyards throughout the whole year. It is the phase in which grapes are harvested before starting the transformation process and the making of wine.
It is not just harvesting for us, it is the selection – strictly by hand – of the best grape clusters that can ensure a high-quality level of wine.

Grape growth in the Salatin vineyards

Harvesting must be done in a particular period, when the level of sugar and acidity is optimal and grapes are ripe and rich in aromas. Other factors that come into play when choosing the right time for harvesting are the climate and the variety of grapes to be picked: each grape variety has specific characteristics and timing that must be followed precisely.
Nature marks the time of ripening and all we have to do at the Salatin winery is to correctly decode the right moment!

The grape harvest celebration

We are very bound to tradition and harvesting is a celebration for us. We are all in the vineyards in those days because our work is teamwork: some of us pick the grapes and put them in the wooden boxes, others take the boxes and put them in the trailer, others drive the tractor, …
From mid-August to mid-September the entire Salatin family is actively involved in the grape harvest and our children begin to learn about the various characteristics of the grapes, the varieties, scents and their flavours.

The Salatin grape harvest: a job, a social and cultural ritual, experience and knowledge handed down from generation to generation.