White wines

Our white wines are floral, fruity and fragrant, expressing the best of our territory and the organoleptic characteristics of each vine variety.

Manzoni Bianco IGT Marca Trevigiana “Le Conche” Non Filtrato

In an area at the foot of Cansiglio, where vines have been cultivated since the 15th century, a noble and refined wine is produced, which takes its name from a particular land conformation: Le Conche

DOC Friuli Grave Pinot Grigio

The vine variety comes from Burgundy and is generated from a gemmary mutation of Pinot Noir of which, colour excluded, preserves all the best characteristics.

IGT Trevenezie Pinot Bianco

It comes from Burgundy, so much so that the wine was called White Burgundy, even if, as is the case for other European grape varieties, especially the oldest ones, it is very likely that the origin is to be found in Roman viticulture exported throughout the empire.

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