One family, 500 years of history. A coat of arms engraved on limestone recalls the iuspatronato of the Salatin family on the parish church of Cordignano, then cited as Ecclesia Sancti Cassiani de Misco. The iuspatronato was an ecclesiastical benefit attributed to noble families of high social prestige. A close study of the archives and of the historical sources has proven the presence of the Salatin family in the area since the Middle Ages. The complex genealogical tree has given us an insight into the names and personal stories of our ancestors, who were engaged in the area and in the social fabric as parish priests, notaries and agricultural landowners. A noble and ancient heritage that makes us proud, both then and today, to continue to nurture our land and produce our wines in the wake of a more than 500-year-long historical and family tradition.

Our land

Our estate's 75 hectares are located in a hilly area with an ancient winemaking tradition. Our vineyards benefit from the healthy temperature range and the unique microclimate due to the presence of the uplands of Cansiglio, the ancient "bosco da reme", a forest used by Venetians for the production of ships. In the heat of the summer evenings, a cool evening breeze punctually descends from the slopes of the forest to keep our rows cool. Unlike in winter, the mountains protect the vines from night frosts and exposure to excessively cold temperatures. We promote biodiversity with 21 hectares of 6 different autochthonous grape varieties including 5 rare hectares such as Verdiso and Boschera.

Values and philosophy

Tradition and innovation, technology and eco-sustainability - these are the values we believe in. A tradition that has been maintained, generation after generation with respect and humility, integrating each innovation into a composition of ancient knowledge, to improve without altering anything. Now in its third generation, the winery is managed with scrupulous attention to detail in the art of winemaking and respect for the culture of the vine: total passion and commitment.


Our concern for the environment begins with the careful management of the vineyards and cultivations. We strictly follow the protocol shared by DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene for sustainable agriculture and respect for the area. All our grapes are SQNPI (National Integrated Production Quality System) certified or organic. We have installed 150 KW of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the winery with an annual production of between 150,000 and 170,000 KW produced, resulting in an environmental saving of approximately 95 tonnes of CO2. In the near future our project foresees the recovery of marc and pruning shoots for the production of clean energy from biomass.

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