Straw wine and grappa

Torchiato di Fregona is a straw wine with a bond to the territory. Its production area is limited and includes only the hilly part of the Venetian municipalities of Fregona, Sarmede and Cappella Maggiore.

Today, Torchiato di Fregona is a rare pearl, an ancient glory of our hills, obtained only from autochthonous grapes as Boschera, Verdiso and Glera, in proportions defined by tradition.

Producing Torchiato requires hard work and patience: in October, the grapes are harvested by gentle hands and placed in special baskets. The grapes are then left to dry by tying them to ropes hanging from beams or placed on racks in dry places that are opened only on sunny days to avoid humidity and drafts.
In the spring after the harvest, the selected grapes are crushed three times in a wooden press.

The thick must, full of sugars, slowly ferments all summer long and ages until the following spring in small wooden barrels (oak, acacia or chestnut). Torchiato can only be put on the market after ageing in bottles for at least five months. A sweet wine is obtained that is perfect for dessert or to meditate with.

Torchiato grappa, which is obtained from the marcs of this rare wine, despite being dry, expresses the characteristics of smoothness and roundness that only a long drying period of the grapes and then marcs from which it is obtained, can give.

Salatin straw wine and grappa