Celebrate Easter with Salatin wine

For your menu at Easter, we recommend our DOCG Colli di Conegliano rosso Riserva “Le Conche”, an aged red wine or the IGT delle Venezie Pinot Bianco, a wonderful wine that enhances the qualities of appetizers and fish dishes.

Do not forget to combine dessert with our sparkling or semi-sparkling wines.

Dall’uovo di Pasqua è uscito un pulcino
di gesso arancione col becco turchino.
Ha detto: “Vado, mi metto in viaggio
e porto a tutti un grande messaggio”.
E volteggiando di qua e di là
attraversando paesi e città
ha scritto sui muri, nel cielo e per terra:
“Viva la pace, abbasso la guerra”.
Gianni Rodari (Dall’uovo di Pasqua)

A chick, made of orange plaster
with a deep blue beak
came out of an Easter egg.

He said: “I’m off;
I’m going to take a great message to everyone!”

So swirling here and there,
travelling across towns and cities
he wrote on walls, in the sky and on the ground:
Long live peace and down with War.

(From Easter egg, by Gianni Rodari)

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