A new line: Salatin organic wine

The new Salatin organic wine

The Salatin family has decided to launch a line dedicated to organic wine as it reflects the values we believe in, genuineness, respect for the environment and protection towards the consumer.

Organic wine is not a fashion for us, it is not a “sectorial product”, it is not a new way of drinking, if anything…it is a return to the origins.

The first new addition we propose you with for 2018 is our organic line that contains authentic tasting wines without any forcing, in accordance with the Salatin winery philosophy.

Organic wine – EU brand

Our organic wine is certified by a strict EU regulation that governs the practices and techniques of winemaking, in addition to the cultivation of the grape itself. We are happy to affirm that the entire Salatin organic wine line is marked with the EU organic logo.

Organic wine, healthy, ethical, sustainable

Organic wine: a model of sustainable cultivation

Wine is organic when it meets both of these criteria:

  1. the grape is produced with no chemical substances (pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, …) and without GMOs.
  2. the winemaking takes place with oenological products and through processes permitted by EU Regulation 203/2012.

It has taken us many years to produce our line of organic wines; we needed them to study and test cultivation and winemaking methods, but also to search for the most suitable land for this production and understand the quality of the wine we wanted to achieve.

Choosing Prosecco as our first organic production, we wanted to praise our territory that marries so well with the qualities required by a natural wine.

Sulphite free with a sincere taste and character, we want to proclaim these wines as an ode to the love for our territory: organic wines, born from the land of Treviso and from our region, Veneto.

The organic wine labels of the Salatin winery

For the moment, we have focused on two organic wine labels, both Prosecco.
Being certain to propose an authentic and exclusive wine, we invite you to taste it when celebrating a special occasion!